Matthew Corkum, PhD

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Taking the Fear Out of Disabilities

Discrimination against people with disabilities is often linked to ableism. They are often devalued in the workplace, sports, school, and the community in general. As a result, they are often excluded and their potential unsupported. All would benefit from knowing how to be inclusive to those with disabilities. Thats why Matt is so passionate and speaks to medical professionals, educators and business owners to help them see the Ability in disAbility.

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No, it wasn’t always easy living with cerebral palsy. I never really envisioned myself as an advocate or speaker on the topic of inclusion until I moved away from home and started to see the struggles those with disabilities face everyday trying to live the life those without disabilities live. My journey has brought me to a point where I see the need to create discussion, awareness and inclusion around disability. I speak to educate people on how to include people with disabilities within healthcare, schools and the everyday world while uncovering the Ability in disAbility.


“Matthew was a consummate professional but extremely easy to communicate and collaborate with. He brought power, energy and hilarity, whilst moving our participants to tears. He is a great orator, delivering his powerful message of reality, positivity and optimism. I cannot recommend Matthew highly enough as a keynote speaker.”

Jade Berrill, Take Me Outside

“Matt Corkum exceeded our expectations as a guest speaker at our staff event, leaving a lasting impact on our team.”

Rebecca Strand-Bowman, VP, Philanthropy & Chief Development Officer | Calgary Health Foundation

“Matthew has presented in the Population Health Course at the Cumming School of Medicine numerous times to up to 170 medical students and in unscripted, full-class question-and-answer sessions. He brings a uniquely personal perspective that always remains on target. He delivers his message with his wonderful blend of humor, humility and insight.”

Murray Lee, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Calgary & Family Doctor

“We chose Matthew Corkum as one of our keynote speakers, his message was both topical and powerful, we felt that he would challenge our biases around physical disabilities in life and the workplace.
Matthew surpassed our highest expectations as he delivered a thoughtful compelling

Roy Prevost, Speaker Coordinator, Rotary 5040 District Conference

” I was first introduced to Matt during my first year of medical school at the Cumming School of Medicine as he was presenting to our class about his journey through disability. This speech was timely and nothing short of remarkable. He inspired myself and 160 fellow classmates at the earliest stage of our medical career. He shared insight and perspective through a lens that very few of us could prior appreciate and I am grateful for that.”

Liam Kronlund, Medical Student ‘21 
“Matty uses his affable personality, and stories of personal experience to demonstrate there is nothing to be feared from people with disabilities; rather, it is through being inclusive we can discover the multitude of gifts and talents those with disabilities undoubtedly have to offer.”

Laura Osadetz, Teacher, Calgary, AB

“Matthew never lets the fear of risks and challenges, caused by his disability, get in the way of achieving goals. He helps people in the workplace know how to interact with those with disabilities. He helps all of us focus on our ABILITIES which leads to success.”

Leah Wood, MSc, OCC, CCRP, PMP, Researcher, Dalhousie University

“Dr Matthew Corkum is a talented speaker that clearly communicates his life experience and how clinicians can adjust their practice to better create an environment that is welcoming. I learned how this can aid in developing a stronger therapeutic alliance with my patient, which I feel will help my patients with disabilities to better reach their goals and help us both see their level of ability.”

Christian Boivin | Physiotherapist, DPT, BSc

“Matt provided excellent insight to the various barriers he has experienced within the health care system and provided, clear, applicable feedback that I can incorporate into my professional practice. He helped improve my tool kit on how to better support individuals with differing levels of ability both as a physiotherapist and within my personal life.”

Gina Rolf (Physiotherapy intern, MScPT)


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